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Billing FAQs

The improvements implemented from 10/8/2018 will bring some changes in the billing process. Here you will find information about the new contact point for questions related to billing, financial services SLA (service level agreement), viewing options and invoice receipt methods, changes in invoice due date and in Equinix credits calculation request, change in the notice period for non-renewal of contracts and more.

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Will my invoice receipt date or due date change?

No. There will be a change in billing format only and the explanation of variations compared to the previous month, if any. Due dates and issue dates will not change.

Who should I talk to about general questions regarding my bills, invoices and billing reports?

General questions about billing can be directed to or to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Equinix Global Service Desk - (GSD) via phone (+55.11.3524.4322 or 1 866.378.4649) or email (

Will there be any change to the method of credit calculations by Equinix, in cases of environment unavailability?

Starting in October the way you contact Equinix in cases of unavailabity will change. You will no longer need to open a ticket for this. Just contact your CSM, who will mediate the entire calculation with the financial team.

Will there be any change to Equinix financial reports to customers in Brazil?

Financial reports will change its format, to be more friendly and transparent, while maintaining the same level of information that Equinix customers are used to. You’ll notice some improvements on how we present information:

  • the installation and monthly fee will be itemized in the financial report;
  • in cases of variation to the previous month’s invoice amount (readjustment or surplus), it will be identified in the financial report the item which has been changed.

The new financial report layout issued by Equinix in Brazil is presented here.

Will the current financial services SLAs change?

The financial services SLAs will not change at all.

What are my options for viewing my bill?

Your bill will be displayed according to what was previously agreed to between you and Equinix.

Will there be any change in the way I receive my invoices?

Invoices will continue to be sent by email. Starting in October, you will receive two emails: one containing the invoices and another containing the reports. However, in the second phase of the project, you will receive all documents (invoices, billing report, etc.) in a single monthly communication. Through this consolidation process, we will simplify invoicing and decrease the number of document you need to control.