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Equinix Managed Services

Hybrid Cloud

The best solution for customers expecting a hybrid and multi-cloud experience with private connection to the major CSPs on the market. Equinix Hybrid Cloud allows you to manage multiple clouds using a self-service and fully-integrated cloud portal. Find the optimal point for your investments and build a hybrid environment using dedicated cloud resources inside Equinix data centers and scale using on-demand resources with us or with an external CSP.

Equinix Managed Services

Shared Cloud

The Shared Enterprise Cloud solution allows your virtual infrastructure to expand any time and on demand, without interrupting environment operation. Optimize computer resources, save physical space, reduce power and cooling needs, and see monthly expenses drop accordingly. It is the ideal solution for projects that need quick scalability and full integration with traditional physical environments.

Equinix Managed Services

Private Cloud

With our Private Cloud, your enterprise gets a dedicated, secure, flexible infrastructure without the worry associated with physical infrastructure. You can choose the exact size and location of your cloud in one of our data centers in Brazil.


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