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Hybrid Cloud


Equinix offers neutrality with a fully-integrated hybrid cloud solution with private connection to major CSPs on the market. With Equinix Hybrid Cloud you can accelerate your cloud adoption with investment optimization and a hybrid strategy that leverages the best of the cloud for your business. Find the optimal point between dedicated and on-demand resources, abstract the IT infrastructure and accelerate your time to market. Talk with an Equinix specialist to learn more >

Transform your business through Interconnection

As companies adapt to the era of digital disruption, they are becoming more digitally interconnected and need to access key marketplaces and ecosystems. Platform Equinix™ is the global interconnection platform for the world’s leading businesses. By providing unrivalled access to industry ecosystems and the widest choice of network and cloud providers, Equinix is protecting, connecting and powering the digital economy. Use an Interconnection-first approach to transform your business.

Your passport to an optimized hybrid cloud journey

Hire a pool of Equinix dedicated resources (vCPU, vHD, and vRAM) and scale your environment using Equinix on-demand resources anytime you needthem. Build a multicloud environment using resources from other CSPs through Equinix Cloud Exchange™, which directly connects you to the world’s largest ecosystem of cloud service providers in leading markets around the globe.

Manage your multicloud environment on a single portal

Equinix Hybrid Cloud Solution, based on Openstack technology, offers an integrated portal in which you can manage your entire environment, including resources inside selected CSPs. This solution allows you to visualize, upgrade, create and drop instances in the Equinix environment or other CSPs in a single portal. You can automate workflows and leverage real-time reports to optimize your investments, enhancing your hybrid cloud strategy and accelerating your business.

Equinix Hybrid Cloud Managed Services

Features & Benefits


  • Dedicated and on-demand resources available
  • Private connection to CSPs via ECX
  • Integrated Multi-cloud Portal
  • Ability to make upgrades through the portal
  • Access to APIs for integrations with external tools
  • Availability of storage with performance guarantee


  • Total abstraction of infrastructure
  • High performance and processing power
  • Optimization of investments
  • Low latency
  • More security and higher performance with CSP connections
  • Centralized multicloud management
  • Optimization of DevOps process with APIs Real-time virtual machine creation and dropping


Equinix Shared Cloud Partner - Intel Xeon

Equinix data centers are fitted with the latest Intel technology, based on the Intel Xeon processors family.

Optimize your cloud investment with Equinix Hybrid Cloud

See how Equinix Hybrid Cloud accelerates and simplifies your multi-cloud strategy with a carrier-neutral, fully-integrated, agile and hybrid-ready cloud solution, offering secure and private connection to major CSPs via ECX, all managed from one portal.

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