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By year-end 2023, more than 50% of large enterprises will deploy at least six edge computing use cases deployed for IoT or immersive experiences, versus less than 1% in 2019.

Source: Thomas Bittman, Distinguished VP Analyst - Exploring the Edge: 12 Frontiers of Edge Computing, Gartner Research.


Gartner – Exploring the Edge: 12 Frontiers of Edge Computing

Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) leaders who manage cloud and edge infrastructure should develop a multiyear edge computing strategy that encompasses the diversity of use cases needed by their digital organizations. According to an analyst report from Gartner, the edge computing use-case landscape is broad and early deployments are highly customized.

Gartner highlights key topics:

Edge computing complements cloud computing for digital business use cases, solving latency, bandwidth, autonomy and privacy requirements.
Edge computing use-case categories are defined by digital business interactions between people, things and businesses.
More than 90% of enterprises start with a single unique use case for edge computing; over time, a typical enterprise will have many.

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