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There is a critical need to quantitatively measure the maturity of an enterprise’s digital business capability. Such measurement will guide future investments in creating or maturing the right competencies for digital business success and to assess the effectiveness of investments made in those competencies.

- Partha Iyengar – Distinguished VP Analyst, Irving Tyler – VP Analyst, Apoorva Chhabra - Assoc Principal Analyst, Gartner


Gartner - Digital Business Maturity Model—9 Essential Competencies to Assess Digital Business Maturity

Executive leaders must assess the maturity of their digital business initiatives to understand where they stand in their industry’s competitive landscape, and to address shortcomings. The Gartner Digital Business Maturity Model described in this research provides that quantitative assessment.


To build and expand a digital business, executive leaders must:

Work with their direct reports to identify and grasp the impact of the nine critical competencies that drive digital business maturity
Engage with business stakeholders in each of the diverse areas of the organization represented by the nine competencies. They must collaborate with their cross-functional peers in the maturity assessment process and in taking result-oriented actions
Prioritize and guide future digital business investments, skills, competency, acquisition and governance improvements by assessing and improving business maturity in each of the nine competencies

Learn how to embrace both the technology and the business opportunities to become a digital leader in the marketplace.

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