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IDC - Digital Transformation in the Nordic Manufacturing Ecosystem

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This IDC Research report shows how manufacturing industry leaders in the Nordic countries can be more proactive in adopting internet of things (IoT), AI and distributed data technologies to transform their businesses. Case studies of major companies show how they solved supply chain inefficiencies, lowered costs and delivered customized infrastructure solutions with distributed interconnection.


  • Changing business models that implement quality control and automation, asset management, servitisation and supply chain efficiencies
  • Opportunities to integrate ecosystem, cloud, device and analytic capabilities to deliver high-value solutions in the region
  • Case studies on how businesses are transforming by interconnecting partners, ecosystems, customers and devices manufacturing operations
  • How other manufacturers are managing distributed data and distributed security at the digital edge
A leading approach is to advance from developing and manufacturing a product to take on a product life cycle approach and 'servitise' - i.e. sell the product as a service. Large enterprises like Kone, Vestas and Scania have embraced this, but it is also apparent in smaller companies.
IDC Research Report on Digital Transformation in the Nordic Manufacturing Ecosystem

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