Manage cloud adoption with a secure hybrid strategy with Equinix Hybrid Cloud and Cloud Management in Brazil

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The transition to cloud can be complex and costly, and may not be suitable for every application or workload. This is why a hybrid multicloud architecture is so powerful for today’s enterprises when balancing speed, agility, cost-efficiency and seasonal considerations across on-premises and public cloud infrastructures. Equinix Hybrid Cloud and Cloud Management from Brazil Managed Services offer access to a complete hybrid cloud experience with dedicated and on-demand resources.


  • Simplify your cloud adoption and optimize your cloud investments by balancing workloads
  • Manage an adaptive and optimized cloud infrastructure
  • Support connectivity and integrated security solutions with Equinix Fabric™
A multicloud approach is often also applied to mitigate risks, allowing for better data protection and business continuity across multiple clouds. Additionally, these strategies can lead to greater cost savings, as additional resources are only paid for when needed.
Equinix Brazil e-book, “Smarter solutions for optimizing your cloud journey,” June 2021

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