Hybrid IT: Why Cloud Adjacency Matters

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There's a realization that digital transformation is becoming ever more important for future companies. In this whitepaper, we demonstrate how Equinix Fabric™ can help companies maximize user experience and application performance, solve various problems encountered in multi-cloud, and respond quickly, cheaply and securely to DR.


  • Construct a multi-cloud environment with one port and connect securely to other parties
  • Remote connection to Osaka can be built securely at low cost
  • Deploy your data next to each company’s cloud service for maximum performance and low latency
Increasingly, IT is being asked to become more agile, while at the same time being pressured by the CFO to reduce capital expenditures. How can organizations do both? Developing a hybrid cloud strategy can go a long way toward meeting those goals, but there are barriers to hybrid architecture to overcome.

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