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Following a year of increased IT adoption across healthcare to aid frontline pandemic response efforts, chief information officers’ (CIO) attention is now turning to the accelerated deployment of digital technologies. Motivated by a desire to enhance the patient experience, embrace virtual care and maximize the potential of data, technology executives are now tasked with driving innovation at speed and scale.

According to the “State of the CIO” report, 48% of CIOs now self-identify as ‘transformational’ within the healthcare sector, underpinned by a boardroom desire to drive digital business initiatives going forward. Still, to maximize the potential of digitalization, a core infrastructure foundation is required with a specific focus on network optimization plus hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

This CIO.com white paper, in association with Equinix, will outline the steps required for CIOs to realize the potential of digital transformation across healthcare, from core infrastructure requirements to innovation best practices.


  • Key business and technology priorities for CIOs across healthcare post-pandemic
  • Foundational elements required to drive digital transformation (network optimization and hybrid and multicloud environments)
  • Ways CIOs are driving innovation agendas

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