Journey to the Cloud Using a Strategic Hybrid Multicloud Approach

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Many chief experience officers (CXOs) mandate a “cloud-first” strategy when launching their company’s digital transformation journey. But the road to cloud native can be long, complex and costly, and may not be suitable for every application or workload. This is why hybrid multicloud architectures are so powerful for today’s enterprises when balancing speed, agility and cost-efficiency across on-premises and cloud infrastructures.

By 2022, approximately 80% of the worldwide enterprise workloads will be in the cloud. Find out how successful cloud environments leverage hybrid infrastructure deployments and incorporate multicloud strategies at the customer’s edge to access valuable business data and services.


  • Key benefits of hybrid digital infrastructure using Equinix Fabric.
  • Importance of using advanced tools for data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
  • A multicloud approach can mitigate risks, such as data protection and business continuity across multiple clouds. •  Enterprise challenges and trends in digital transformation
The world’s leading CSPs are on Platform Equinix and provide dedicated interconnection, such as AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) FastConnect and Google Cloud Interconnect, so businesses connect directly and securely to access the best cloud for the best workload.
– Equinix white paper
“Journey to the Cloud Using a Strategic Hybrid Multicloud Approach” May 2021