Key Trends and Innovation in the Real-Time Payments Ecosystem

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Find out why an increasing number of national and regional payment infrastructure providers across the world are moving toward real-time payments (RTP). Learn how interconnection at the digital edge can accelerate data-driven innovation in this market, providing fintech companies secure, low-latency access to the real-time payments ecosystem in order to create a multitude of services.


  • Learn about the core components and architecture required to support real-time payments
  • Why it pays to position infrastructure directly among clouds, fintechs, rails, fraud detection and other service providers
  • How direct connections to ecosystem participants enable safer and faster transactions
Payment network operators that do not have an agile network onboarding strategy will get left behind by those who can quickly turn up new customers and partners in new locations in minutes, rather than months.
Lance Homer
Payments Ecosystem Director, Equinix®

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