SDN-Enabled Network as a Service is an Effective Solution for Government Agencies

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With Network as a Service (NaaS), federal government agencies have a great alternative to traditional networks. The extended utility, mission agility and cost-effectiveness of SDN-enabled NaaS solutions are more application-centric and have an application programming interface (API) integration to help customers connect to a variety of digital services.


  • Why SDN-enabled networks are better than traditional networks
  • How can agencies solve for latency-sensitive applications and ensure equal distribution of services
  • How the dynamic change in capacity can be a game-changer for transport providers
  • How can an agency seamlessly integrate and operate their respective networks over the provider’s underlying global fabric
Advanced artificial intelligence components are often employed to provide wholly cognizant and adaptive capacity planning. Forecasting capacity requirements are largely based on quantifiable regional and global consumption trends and/or sustained demand surges that warrant accelerated increased capacity, much like the hundreds of cloud service providers participating on the platform.
Equinix white paper, “Ushering in a New Era of Network as a Service (Naas),” November 2020

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