Harnessing interconnection to power Singapore’s digital economy

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Singapore is deeply invested in becoming the trusted node in Asia for digital business, digital innovation and digital talent. This is backed by a robust Smart Nation vision that aims to engender digital transformation and innovation primarily across five key domains—health, transport, urban solutions, finance, and education. Smart Nation best practices require integration of data from disparate agencies and a seamless digital engagement between all key stakeholders.


  • How Singapore is poised to achieve its Smart Nation vision
  • Leading challenges to technology adoption within the public sector
  • Challenges with shifting workloads to cloud computing
  • Technology adoption considerations for public sector
  • Ecosystems to leverage for public sector
The success of the Smart Nation initiatives is dependent upon access to the best skills and the best technology. This necessitates close collaboration between partners and the use of ‘best of breed’ technology providers for a particular activity.
Equinix whitepaper, February 2021

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