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Accelerate time-to-market with cost optimization

Build a hybrid and multicloud strategy to accelerate your time-to-market with cost optimization. We can help you with scalability, integration and lower latency to deliver a hybrid and secure platform.

Solutions Offered

Hybrid Cloud

Find the optimum point between dedicated and public resources to accelerate your time-to-market, abstracting the IT infrastructure.

  • High performance, low latency and processing power
  • Elasticity and pay-per-use along with optimization of investments
  • Private connection to CSPs via ECX Fabric
  • More security in connection with CSPs via Portal
  • Centralized multi-cloud management
  • High level of automation, accelerated Time-to-market and self-service
  • Optimized DevOps process with the APIs
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Private Cloud

Dedicated resources that your environment needs to support business growth and the information you need to manage data and IT budget.

  • Create custom projects and choose what fits best in your environment
  • Equinix's Brazil team of certified specialists manage your cloud
  • Choose VMware or Hyper-V Hypervisor
  • SLA guaranteed by contract and fixed payment in Brazilian Reais
  • Self-service portal - Create, resize and manage your virtual servers
  • Communication via VLAN with your physical environment hosted on Equinix
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Virtual Private Server

Manage the resources you need without worrying about infrastructure issues. Scale your business, any time, without interrupting environment operation and get help building DR solutions with its protected modality that will replicate your data to another IBX.

  • Create Snapshots (restore points)
  • Resources monitoring
  • Option for protected modality (replication to other IBX data center)
  • Full integration of Equinix’s entire Brazilian service portfolio
  • Local technical support
  • Easily scale the size of your server
  • Connect with your physical server hosted at Equinix
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Database Cloud

Oracle Exadata delivers a complete PaaS solution, establishing a secure and smart solution for your business. Take advantage of Exadata technology to its fullest potential and forget the complexity of purchasing, supporting and managing hardware and licenses.

  • Cost optimization
  • Shorter implementation time
  • Better application performance
  • No need for a high initial investment
  • Operational flexibility
  • Scale quickly and easily
  • Redundant infrastructure, ensuring 99,9% availability SLA
  • Dedicated and logically isolated environments, improving security
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Cloud Migration Service

Our professional services team consists of cloud certified specialists experienced in end to end migration services

  • Lowers risk
  • Drives adoption
  • Minimizes business disruption
  • Accelerates time to value
  • Lift & Shift methodology
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