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Security Services

Build and manage a layered security strategy

We’re here to help you build and manage a layered security strategy that keeps your internet bandwidth free of unwanted traffic, optimizes your infrastructure and ensures data security to face new business opportunities in the digital world.

Solutions Offered

Managed DDoS Mitigation

We mitigate DDoS attacks targeting customers who use our infrastructure as well as enterprises within the Equinix network.

  • Only legitimate traffic is delivered to your network
  • Current traffic monitoring
  • Detection and proactive mitigation of DDoS attacks
  • Mitigation processis under 15 minutes
  • Analysis reporting of DDoS attacks
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Managed Firewall

Take advantage of management, monitoring and redundancy that covers your security issues without high investments in Capex and hardware lifecycle management.

  • Elastic and flexible solution
  • High availabilityand faster deployment along with the ability to scale quickly
  • Intuitive and straightforward management via Equinix Customer Portal
  • Autonomy to create and change firewall rules
  • Client-to-Site VPN (Virtual Private Network)


Create a protective barrier for your environment that guarantees security by analyzing packages and applying rules. Choose between dedicated and virtual solutions.

  • Increased security when connecting with your online partners and vendors
  • Control access levels to specific resources and custom solutions
  • Custom solutions according to your business needs
  • Enable advanced configurations, such as VPN Client-to-Site and Site-to-Site, IP bandwidth control, VOIP optimization, NAT and games